Tuesday, March 18, 2014

11 months

11 months and she's clapping, taking a few steps, but I don't declare she's "walking" yet.
 "Patty cake, patty cake......"
 I think she's an adorable girl with the cutest squeal. I love her dearly!

 She loves her big brother and he is such a fantastic big brother too.

 Oh yeah, and just like my other kiddies--she doesn't stay still for long. She's always on the go and is climbing up stairs, chairs, and anything else her body allows.
 Her hair is getting longer. The back of her hair is starting to curl but the front part is straight. I left a week before she turned 11 months to Hawaii. My plan was to start weaning her from nursing but she wouldn't have it and I didn't want to stress about so long story short, she's still breast feeding with formula too. This is the longest I've breast fed.
We all adore her and love watching her hit milestones.

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Kirsten said...

She is so cute!! I wouldn't claim walking yet either.