Sunday, July 27, 2014

1 week - - - 3 performances

 On Sunday July 13th, Sydney performed a number in church. She played a verse of I Am A Child of God on her violin and then sang the first verse of the song without her violin. Sis. Hill, her violin teacher, accompanied her on the piano. She did amazingly well. A little nervous before hand. She nailed it. Her hard work and practice paid off. After sacrament, she enjoyed the dozens of praises.
 The following Wednesday Sydney and Jordyn had the championship swimmeret that they had to qualify to be a part of. Jordyn did great. Her form on the breaststroke improved. She got 1st in breaststroke and 2nd in Butterfly.  The competition was 4 or 5 other swim teams. This is her friend, Sophie, that we carpooled with in the mornings.

Sydney competed in the 25Y breaststroke, 50Y freestyle, and 100Y Individual Medley (1 lap of each stroke). She got 12th in breaststroke, 3rd in the freestyle, and 6th in the IM race. We were so proud that her times improved in all 3 races from just the week before. I was amazed at her stamina in the IM. 4 laps is not easy and she did that literally right after she swam the 50Y freestyle. She had little time to rest from that race. So happy my girls did their best and were happy with giving their all!

 3. A few days later, on Saturday, Sydney had her first gymnastics competition. There were no judges or scores for this one. They just wanted the level 3 girls to get an idea of what a competition would look and feel like. She did great on each apparatus. Her favorite is the floor and least favorite is the beam. She's a few practices away from getting her back handspring down.

Lots of confidence, smiles, medals, and ribbons, achievement were felt this week.

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gammie said...

What a great summer of achievements for each child!! I loved seeing all the pictures! Hope you have some of the enrichment things you did with the kids as well!! Also how about a 6 month update on Bahama Bucks highlights in Sept!