Sunday, July 27, 2014

Macie and Levi

Wanted to create a post just about Macie and Levi. Macie has a recent obsession: JEFF. She lives with me during the day, but when Jeff comes home, I'm chopped liver. She hears the garage door open and starts walking to it as fast as her little legs will let her while saying, "dada" over and over. I swear I stopped breast feeding her and she is no longer clingy to me. Jeff's now taken that spot. Oh well, I guess I'll cook dinner, empty the dishwasher, play games with the others, etc
 Here we were walking around an outdoor shopping mall. She just loved walking around, exploring the water fountain, sitting on benches, climbing and walking on the walls, whatever. She gotten some molars, is starting to get into books finally, swimming, and going on walks.
 Levi learned to swim on his own this summer. He wasn't in any lessons. Last summer he was close but this summer he's mastered it. He is still a very happy, easy going, well-behaved, little guy. Loves his puzzles. Found him doing another puzzle upside down. He's also very helpful around the house. Whenever Jeff and I start cleaning and tell the kids to, Levi is right on top of it. We never have to ask him twice. He volunteers to vacuum the stairs and sweep the garage. Such a great kid.
 Here we were at the puppy store and the kids all loved this little guy. They're starting to beg for a puppy. I've been telling them we'll start thinking about it when Macie is potty trained.  Levi went to a summer camp at his preschool. His reading is coming along too. School is starting in a week in a half?! crazy. Happy and sad feelings from this mommy.

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