Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jordyn's haircut

 For a few days straight Jordyn had been telling me that she wanted to cut her hair. She's been growing her hair out for about 3-4 years now. Originally she wanted it long like Rapunzel and sometimes she would tell me that it was golden like when hers glows in the movie. Jordyn has beautiful long, thick, wavy, gorgeous hair. About 3 months ago she was gonna cut it and donate it it Locks of Love, but changed her mind. Now she was ready. She was sick of the tangles and the time it took in the morning to brush in and make it look presentable for school.
 They cut about 13 inches. She donated it to Locks of Love. She loves her short hair; we all do!

 It's nice to know that she has beautiful hair whether it's long or short.

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gammie said...

Very cute haircut! Very cute girl!!!