Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow Basin, Ogden

On Christmas Eve we flew to Ogden to meet Gammie and Grandpa at a cabin they rented for all of us  to stay at and ski at Snow Basin. The Lamonts and other Koehlers were there too!
 The morning we got there, we went skiing. I put Levi and Jordan into ski school for a few hours. Sydney went off skiing with the Lamonts for the whole week.
 Most of the time it was the four of us. Each of us took a day to watch Macie and Finn back at the cabin.

There were a few days we skied while it snowed. Everybody stayed warm all day for the most part. We had to have a pose in front of the huge moose. Reminded us of Alaska.

 Sydney excited in the airplane on way to Ogden.
 Levi and Jordan did really well skiing. I would say they started the week not knowing how to ski and by the time we left they could very comfortable going to the runs. It was fun to watch them and see them improve everyday.
 Game with us too.

 Levi was a stud. He just kept on going and didn't care to stop ever.
 This group picture was taken the very first day. There were lots of people missing, but still a lot of us there.
 Us posing in the bathroom
 A view in the cabin looking out. The cabin was very spacious and lots of things to do: playing pool, swimming in the pool and jacuzzi, and hanging out on the love sacs. One night we had a pool tournmament, Rowan won.
 All of us riding in the Gondola. It was our first time every riding one. So great to warm up and get to the top of the mountain quickly.
 Eating lunch in the lodge.
 More posing. Brooke got us all to pose in this bathroom.
 Getting ready to go out and ski.
 Christmas night the kids acted the Christmas story. Jordyn was Mary. Parker directed the whole thing.

 Finn and Macie spent lots of time together while everyone skied. Cousin bath time.
 One night mom and dad took us all out to eat at Schooners (?). Inside this restaurant they had covered wagons to eat in. We all loved it.
 Watching kids swim.
 Cuddle time after a long day of skiing.

 In the lodge eating and warming up.

 A great picture of mom and dad!

 Major cuddle time and you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you we were all sleeping. Yea, I didn't think so.
 Yep, couldn't believe this myself either. Mom getting in Macie's pack-n-play.

 Finally a family picture of the 6 us right before flying home.

It was such a fun time. The kids still talk about it and ask if we're gonna do this every year.

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gammie said...

That was just one of those weeks jam packed with sweet memories! I think of little moments almost every day. It was such a wonderful holiday!! Love your family!!!