Wednesday, January 28, 2015

our Christmas day (the 23rd)

 Our Christmas tree with gifts. The picture below is what Santa brought. We sold our dining room furniture, since we weren't using that room. We actually asked Santa what we wanted and made him a sketch of what we were looking forward to having. The kids actually drew a rock climbing wall and zip line, but he didn't bring that. He did bring all of this though! I personally like the small detail of the quotes on the walls. They are motivational and one is from Gabby Douglas, an olympic gymnast, that Sydney has learned a lot about.
Levi loved his new basketball and asks everyday when his basketball team will start practicing and playing games.

The kids ran through the paper we had up and went crazy when they saw all of this!

 Opening some presents and looking through their stockings.

 Sydney got a Spy Kit that she really liked. She didn't ask for one, but she wants to be a spy when she is older so she really liked this.
 I got Jeff a game and book.
Mac enjoyed eating everyone's candy that she found in their stockings. I think she's still suffering from a candy rush;)

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gammie said...

That play room is awesome! You can tell the kids love it! What great exercise for them! Jordyn's face made me smile when she was swinging on the bar!! Levi was darling with his basketball. Can you imagine what Macie was thinking the whole time