Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jordyn's baptism

 Jordyn got baptized on Saturday, Dec. 12th. Jeff baptized her. Grandpa Tim and Grandpa Koehler were the witnesses. Sydney and Grandma Marianne gave talks and Jordyn played the piano and sang.
She wanted to play the piano and had been practicing for months. She did such an amazing job.
 Jordyn wanted "Bright" colors for her CTR quilt I made, so I came up with these colors and she loved it. Sis. Eralie made the cake like she did for Sydney.

 I recycled all the ideas I did for Sydney's, so we have the gumboils, jelly beans, CTR cookies and pretzel rods.

We had the sister missionaries (Sis. Junod and Sis. Schmuack) come over weekly and give Jordyn lessons. I think this helped a ton and definitely prepared her and got her very excited for the day.

 Jordyn was so excited to have everyone there to support her and see her get baptized.

After she got baptized and I met her in the bathroom to help her change. she was tearful and said, "I'm just so happy." I explained that was the spirit and she repeated how happy she felt and that this was such a special day. I'll never forget her joy in that moment. He was powerful and I felt the Spirit as well.

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