Thursday, February 18, 2016

December happenings.

 Macie performing in her holiday final show.
 A rare nap from Macie falling asleep in Jeff's arms. This was an early nap, so clearly she was ill.
 She fell and trip down the stairs causing a black eye. The week before she threw something at Jordyn and Jordyn got a black eye. And the week after Macie's black eye, I was wrestling with Levi and he shoved his head back, hitting my eye and eyebrow and giving me a black eye. So needless to say, Jeff looked like a wife and kid beater so he did errands by himself so he wouldn't get stares. haha.
 The kids working on their homemade gifts we give to each other on Christmas Eve. Sydney sewed seatbelt pillows, Jordyn made fizzy bath bombs, and Levi made cookies in a jar.
 Jeff and I went to an Ugly Sweater Party at the Milkwick's home. Jen and I having fun!

I loved Jeff's Dora stocking sweater. :)
Also one night we enjoyed making ginger bread cookies.
We also enjoyed a night at the temple looking at christmas lights and our ward Christmas party.

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