Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Entertaining ourselves at the park

Sydney learned to swing (pump her legs) to keep herself going. Yes! I'm so excited I only have to push Jordyn now. There's a video you can watch at the end of this post to see Sydney swing by herself. 
Watching her got old after a awhile so Jeff and I made up some games to play. We played who could jump off the swing the furthest. Jeff won. We played who could, from a complete stand still,  pump legs to see who get the highest the fastest. Jeff claims he won, but it's debatable. Our last game was who could get the most creative pose in the air while jumping off the swing. I think Jeff won this category too. But he was lame when it came to pushing the button at the right moment to capture my creative poses. I got him in the air at the perfect moment. Here are the funny pictures we took. I haven't laughed so hard in awhile. It was a ton of fun for us and the other adults who were watching us.

After watching us, Sydney had to jump too. I love that Syd tries everything and she's not afraid to try either. 

This was the funniest because I realized that Jeff is more flexible than myself. That's scary. I was laughing while I was taking this photo that I didn't get his face, but I got him almost doing the splits. When he landed, he immediately grabbed at his sorely stretched-out legs.
Buddha pose by Jeff
Give me a big hug pose.
Karate kick pose
Sliding into home base pose.
I'm a dork pose

here's sydney video.


Melissa said...

That's hilarious...those shots are crazy.

Coordination Queen said...

I love it! Sydney and Aiden really would get along well!

trimarie said...

You guys are goofy! I LOVED it when my kids learned to swing themselves. That meant I could go back to actually riding the swings!

Fantastic 6 said...

You guys are so crazy!!! It reminds me of the time we were all laughing at the kids riding the treadmill here in colorado!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! those pictures were so funny!! I think I like the splits and the dork poses the best! It really made me laugh!!! Sydney is really good at pumping; she was actually going higher and higher.

The Shaws said...

I am greatly disturbed by the pic of Jeff doing a Russian.

Tiffanyk10 said...

hahahaha....oh guys crack me up!

Andrew and Cori said...

You guys make me laugh!! I love it! What fun. It also made me smile that you are all wearing pants and shoes with socks... how is the weather up there? :) I can't remember the last time I put on a pair of socks.... I still want to come visit sometime.

Kai and Amy said...

You guys are SO very funny!

Becca's Blog said...

I love it. I am so glad you guys are still having so much fun together. where are the pictures of Alaska. That looked like Colorado.