Saturday, June 6, 2009

Month in Cedar 4/09

 Some pictures of our time in Cedar. We did lots of fun things. We went to the circus. Sydney rode on top of a 45 year old elephant.
Jordyn playing dress up with her hat and purse ready to go. We also drove up to SLC to see the temple and to Provo to visit BYU.

It was so cool to visit the temple. We rode the train in and walked around everywhere. We took a tour of Brigham Young's house too.
Of course I had to walk around the campus and show the girls where I went to college. It brought back so many memories. None of those memories included any outstanding academic lectures I heard, although I know many devotionals touched my heart. The memories surround the awesome people I hung out with and met and the activities we did together. One of the best times in my life was here.


Amie said...

That is so cute! I love the pink BYU sweatshirt. You're one of my favorite parts of the whole Provo experience.

Coordination Queen said...

WHAT?!?! AMIE BEAT ME? :) That is what I think about when I think about BYU... the amazing experiences I had and my fabulous roommates!

trimarie said...

Great pictures! Go Cougars!

Anonymous said...

Wow Lauren, the pictures make me miss all of you!! We sure did have a great time! It's always fun to see the girls! XOXOX

Kai and Amy said...

I love the pictures of your girls and the SLC temple in the back ground. My brother Ryan is going to BYU Provo in the Fall!