Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jeff's b-day weekend

A view from Jordyn's room. Guess what time it is? 
It's 10 pm. How am I suppose to sleep when it looks like this outside?
For Jeff's b-day we panned for gold at Crow Creeks Mine in Girdwood, AK. Before we did this we hiked about 3 miles in what looked like a rain forest. It was gorgeous. We did strike it rich, with 5 flakes of gold we found.
The mining town has the oldest bldgs in AK.
We stopped at this beautiful waterfall to take pictures, rest, and head back. 
Sydney willing to take another picture.

Jordyn had a sweet ride in the backpack. Sometimes kids just don't know how good they have it.
This was a cool hand tram to get across this huge river. We are about 60 feet above a river.
Driving to Girdwood on the Seward Hwy.
The night before we went to the zoo to watch the Airforce band play and to see the animals. Our favorite was watching the two polar bears.
This is what you do when you live closer to Russia than your family and friends that live in the lower 48. You do things that your kids would enjoy instead of having a party with friends and family. Jeff said he had a good birthday. He got some new weights and I made him a cake in the shape of a 30lb dumbbell. Now we're back to being the same age, in the same decade:)


Kai and Amy said...

I sure wouldn't be able to sleep if it looked like that at 10PM. What a beautiful view you have! Does that mean it will stay dark all winter?

What a fun hike. Even though you didn't have family to celebrate with it still looks like a great birth-day. You guys live in some beautiful country!

Charlotta-love said...

Beautiful! 10pm huh. I'm sure the winter will be different - looks like midnight when it's really noon or something like that.

Happy birthday Jeff!

The Shaws said...

That hike looked awesome! The scenery is so pretty!

trimarie said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm glad Jeff enjoyed his birthday and am happy you are having this opportunity to bond with your kids when they are little. It pays big dividends when they are older, trust me. Love you guys!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Jeff. Gosh, you don't look any older at all. It's neat that you're enjoying Alaska. It looks beautiful there.

Anonymous said...

Wow you weren't kidding that J-bear's hair is getting "fluffy"! The country is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing; it makes me miss you a little less. XO

Christy said...

Wow looks like fun! You make Alaska look good! I thought it was hard to get me kids to sleep when the sun doesn't go down tell 10:00.