Friday, October 23, 2009

1st Decent Photo

Here's baby shaw in 4D. I guess our little one is a little bit camera shy covering it's face w/ it's tiny little hands and arms. The technician estimated that the baby is about 9oz. and 7 inches long. It is always amazing to me when I think that a woman can carry a baby and miraculous that the baby can develop all the things it does in the womb. As you may have picked up, I don't know the gender. There's a reason for that; it might be a crazy reason, but it's our reason. We are choosing not to find out the gender until the baby is born. With Sydney and Jordyn we did know at 20 weeks that they were girls. We want to know and experience what it is like not to know until the baby is born. We're so excited that it is torturous. We can't wait until March and yet it seems so far away to welcome our new baby. I didn't know our doctor had the 4D technology so I was pleasantly surprised when he gave us our pictures. Everything is looking and developing as it should. What else more could we want?

So here I am before my appointment at 20 weeks. I don't know why (seriously) but i've been tracking my weight, bust, and hip measurements. I'll save you the details. How can the baby still be so tiny and everything else grows like crazy?
So Sydney has decided to be a ballerina for Halloween. As you can imagine it was 5 other things before she settled with ballerina. I'm glad. My mom and I made the tutu last christmas and all we bought were leggings to complete the costume. She loves it.
I think most ballerinas do splits while jumping in the air, but here is sydney doing that on the floor. On halloween I'll do her hair more like a ballerina in a bun.
Jordyn is going to be a skunk. However she wouldn't let me put her costume on so who knows, she might dress up as a skunk or as herself. both of which are pretty cute costumes.


Coordination Queen said...

I'm impressed. I can't imagine waiting to find out. And you look fabulous!

trimarie said...

Lauren, you look great! Cute baby (whatever it is). Make sure to post pictures of the girls in their costumes after Halloween. I can't wait to see how cute they are all fixed up!

Jodi said...

Wow Lauren, I can't believe you guys are not finding out what you are having. That is so cool. I could never do it. I just cannot handle the unknown, especially for 9 months!

Melissa said...

You are such a beautiful mom! I love the belly shots. And I think you should make posts telling what you think your baby is going to be...see if you're right at all.

adairfamily said...

Lauren you look great, so tiny! Your daughters are to cute. I think it is fun that you are not finding out definitely would be a test on patience.

Kai and Amy said...

Cute tutu!!
I love that you have the ALaska weather on your blog!
I have always wanted to try one of those 4D ultra sounds- that is way cool! You still look great!

Megan said...

Hi Lauren,

This is really random, but this is Megan Ericksen, used to be Bruno. I haven't seen you or talked to you in years. I just came across your blog while visiting the Sanders blog. I let out a scream, I was so excited, when I saw your picture. Your family is just beautiful. I have two little girls as well. They are so fun and keep me very busy. Congrats on the little one on the way. That is so exciting. Please email me and tell me more about whats going on with you. I would love to catch up!!!

Becca's Blog said...

So fun Lauren! I am excited for you guys and glad that the baby is healthy! The girls look so big and so cute! I just use photo shop elements to scrapbook digitally. I am just trying to do that when I blog so that it is all ready to print in a book. I am so sick of doing everything twice. I am trying to be simple with the scrapbooking and just get it done as quick as I can.