Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jordyn is growing up

A picture I forgot to add.

Jordyn is hilarious. She has her own spunk to her that is different than Sydney. I love Jordyn and Sydney's similarities and differences. I thought I would update what Jordyn is doing these days. Right now she is all about wearing dresses and throws a fit if I make her change out of her dress if we have to go out in public. She also lets me put her hair in pig tails or a ponytail which is good since her hair is getting long and is fluffy.

If jordyn is not in a dress she is most likely naked like in these pictures.. I don't know why I bother putting clothes on her since she peels them right off. She's also known for taking her diaper off. I'm hoping this is a sign that she is ready to potty train soon.
Her ponytail. recently jordyn has picked up biting her fingernails. She loves to take care of her doll. Feeding it, putting blankets over it, and loving on it.
See what I mean by fluffy hair. Many times she'll take the pigtails out and her hair looks like this. Jordyn loves putting on my shoes and anyone's shoes for that matter. She also has a fetish with my purse, including my lipstick, wallet, cell phone, and GUM, which she pronounces as "num."
Jordyn loves her bath time. This is her funny face. She makes us laugh with the things she does and says on a daily basis.
You gotta love sunroofs. I took this picture driving 50mph w/ my hand out of the sunroof. It turned out pretty good.


Alice said...

Lauren your girls are adorable! I'm glad they're keeping you entertained:)

The Shaws said...

That pic in the bath is the cutest picture ever! Love that face.

trimarie said...

She is so beautiful! What a cutie!

Tricia Harper said...

Jordyn is getting so big. It makesme sad to think she won't even know who I am:( I think she looks a lot like Jeff. She is so darling!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Lauren! Jordyn's hair . . . Between her love of fancy dresses and the fluffy pageant hair, you may have to consider entering into some contests! (she'd probably undress)! What a character! XOXO

Kai and Amy said...

Jordyn is a cutie! She must not know that it is too cold to strip in Alaska:) I can totally relate to the shoe thing. We have misplaced so many pairs of shoes due to Malachi's love of putting them on and walking around in them.

Nice picture at 50mph!