Saturday, October 31, 2009


Our halloween was anything but spooky. It was definitely a happy halloween. How could it not be with a couple of ballerinas, a pregnant basketball player, and Clark Kent, who flew home for the weekend. With parties to attend, decorations to hang, pumpkins to carve, goodies to eat, painted faces and a tummy, halloween books to read, there was laughter and excitement to be had at our house.
Halloween night outside our home. It was about 15 degrees and a full moon was out.
You can't tell in her gloves and jacket, but Sydney was a ballerina. Jordyn was 3 things: a skunk, flower girl, and ballerina. Luckily she chose to be this warm skunk when we went trick-or-treating outside.
She dressed as a flower girl when we went on base for some halloween fun.
Here is Sydney's ballerina pose.
The girls sitting in pumpkins. This year I carved pumpkin diapers for them to sit in. I bought another pumpkin that they painted. I've learned my lessons from years before that all they care about is the gooey stuff inside and then I spent hours carving a pumpkin by myself while they make a mess in the kitchen. With Jeff gone this week, I had to think strategically.
So it's hard to tell, but my belly is big and round. It makes for a great basketball so I decided to be a basketball player.
It was a lot of fun and the people at a neighborhood party got a good laugh too.
Jordyn's third and final costume is a ballerina. She dressed like this when we went to a play date and one of the mom's is a photographer. She was gracious enough to take pictures of the little ones in their costumes.

Now the halloween decorations are put away, Jeff is getting ready to leave again tomorrow morning for a week in Dallas, and everyone is enjoying a mellow Sunday evening.


Coordination Queen said...

Cute pictures! I love the basketball belly!

Jessie said...

Okay, these made me laugh out loud! I love it all!

trimarie said...

Everyone looks so cute! Lauren, you are silly :) We missed seeing you all this year. Love you!

Christy said...

Great pictures. You are so good about updating quickly, my pictures are still on the camera in the car

Jodi said...

Love it Lauren! You do have quite the little basketball there!

Kai and Amy said...

I LOVE the b-ball belly. How clever are you:) I did that same pumkin diaper thing last year:) My kids were hoping I wouldn't make them do it again this year. Your pictures turned out very cute.

I also love the picture you took of the full moon and the mountains covered in snow. I can't imagine being out in 15 degree weather! What an adventure!