Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"circ" du soleil

You can tell I'm a mom who hasn't had a boy before because at the hospital the nurse kept saying "circ." I finally asked her what the heck she was was talking about. She informed me that circ is short for circumcision. I should've figured that out, but wasn't thinking much at that time apparently. So the other day Levi got his "Circ" at his doctor's office. I'm not sure why they waited 2 weeks and didn't just do it at the hospital. With the help of a local anesthetic it didn't seem too painful, it LOOKED painful. The saddest part was watching them strap his skinny legs to the table. He gained 3 ounces and grew 1/4 of an inch.


The Shaws said...

That would have been hard to watch. They take them back at St. Jude and do it on day 2, so we don't get to see. It does look painful afterward though.

Alice said...

Jared went with Finn to get his the day after he was born. Seemed sad to me...I guess they give him sugar water. Ya, it looks painful...but people have told me most of their nerve endings aren't fully developed for a you can also think that's true:)

Coordination Queen said...

I'm glad I didn't have to watch that with either of mine. They do it on day 2 at the hospital... makes for a very tired baby.