Monday, March 22, 2010

It's still winter here

I've been reading, on facebook, how warm the weather is in California, Utah, and Arizona and wanted people to know that it is still winter here. This past week has been absolutely beautiful. The sun has been out (the sun is setting now at about 9pm) and the snow is melting. I hear that it will snow more before it all melts. I thought I needed to post more pictures so you could see what it looks like.On another note, Sydney has been taking ice skating lessons. It is adorable. The first day was like watching her learn to walk all over again. It was sad and cute at the same time. She learns more and more each time and gains more confidence with each lesson she takes. She enjoys going every saturday morning. It's experiences like this that make me thankful our family is living in Alaska. There are things we do here that we wouldn't do if we lived anywhere else.

Jeff snow blowing our driveway. I've learned that having a snow blower is a necessity. Shoveling all the snow we get is a beast.
Here is our street/neighborhood. I love the neighborhood we live in. There are lots of kids and we have lots of friends we've met on our street. I'm excited for summer when everyone is outside playing.
Our driveway and house. The snow piled up on the side is about 3 1/2 ft. tall. Yes we haven't taken our x-mas lights down yet. No one does until late spring, early summer; and most people put them up in sept./oct. So pretty much they are on our house for 6 months.


Amy said...

I love seeing your pictures from Alaska! Thank you for sharing. My kids always want to go ice skating, but it ain't hapenin' here!

Your little Levi is so sweet. Happy birthday.

Melissa said...

Fun memories! One of my favorite memories is of sledding in the dark when it's really on 4 in the afternoon. And then in the summer playing at 10 at night and it's light as day outside. I love the pictures, they are so fun!

Anonymous said...

hey these pics look familiar! Please post the painted walls and kitchen hardware soon!