Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things (about Levi):
That the back of his head fits into my palm.
I can see his capillaries on his cheeks.
His super soft skin
His skinny legs, before the baby chub comes.
The flaky skin on his soft hands and feet
Sleep smiles
When he sleeps w/ his mouth open
Watching him stretch: arching his back, knees to tummy, and arms over his head
His blond eyelashes
When he falls asleep in my arms
actually there isn't 1 thing I can think of that isn't my favorite right now.


Coordination Queen said...

Being in love with a baby is wonderful!

Alice said...

I LOVE sleep smiles:)

Grandpa Tim said...

What a tenderly wonderful list Laruen. The age Levi is now was always my absolute favorite with my kids. I use to lay back in my lounge chair and they would curl up and sleep on my chest while laying on their stomach. I would sit like that for hours, studying their breathing, every detail of their face while constantly kissing them.