Sunday, July 11, 2010

4 months

So LEVI is 4 months now, as of yesterday. I'm not sure why but this time around it seems like time is going by quickly. I'm trying to cherish each day, but like I said time is moving faster than I'd like. I love my eskimo baby. What's there not to love with a chubby baby who smiles and giggles and is so chill. Now at 4 months he is still wearing a 2 diaper, still only drinks milk, waking up once a night, getting closer to rolling over--he's done it a few times but I think it was a fluke, coos and babbles a lot, and he loves his mom and dad and big sisters.
love his cheeks

I got these shirt iron-on transfers from etsy. I love them and wished I had thought of this idea with the girls.
Levi recently discovered his feet and toes.
Levi's crazy sisters who I let play with makeup. Jordyn covered her whole face with eyeliner and Sydney preferred lipstick over her entire face and eyeliner on her neck. Thanks mom for all your old makeup...seriously. I don't mind them getting totally messy. They had a blast and they didn't have to ruin all my makeup so I'll let them do this again, only right before bath time.


Bowen Family said...

How cute is that! You are such a good mom to let them have a ball. I would never have thought of letting them play and go to town. I love it. Maybe if I ever get a girl:)

Coordination Queen said...

She said what I was going to. You are such a good mom! Maybe I should pull out some of my old stuff and let mine have fun... except I don't really want my little boys wearing makeup. :)

The Shaws said...

Jordyn's face is classic!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Classic psychic Chuckie!

Melissa said...

Officially: world's coolest mom! I love that you just let them go to town. Talk about cherishing moments.

Josh, Kristin, Isabella and Carson said...

fun idea...maybe I'll let Bella try it one day...when Carson is napping, I think he would eat it and we probably don't need him to have makeup on. Bella LOVES make up.