Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

While my parents were up here visiting we decided to take a road trip around the Kenai Peninsula. From Eagle River, which is just north of Anchorage, we stayed a night in Seward, Homer and then to Kenai (refer to map). On our way to Seward we stopped in Girdwood and did the hand tram and Alyeska Resort. We drove to Portage, and drove through the animal conservation park. Once in Seward we drove around the quaint town with a population of 2000. In the morning we hiked Exit Glacier and ate at this burger joint, Red's burger, which was out of a white bus. The woman working was short a cook and so Jeff (totally something he would do and I LOVE this about him) knocked on the bus door and offered his services to help cook hamburgers. We then drove to Homer and stayed in this awesome hotel that overlooked the bay. We met up w/ my second cousins and ate dinner on the "spit," saw some sea otters while the girls threw rocks. The next morning my dad and Jeff went halibut fishing in Anchor Point, while my mom, me, and the kids drove around Homer and then headed to Kenai for our last stay. By the time we got to Kenai we were pretty tired of a long road trip. We swam and hung out that day. In the evening we drove to Kasilof and got our car stuck in the sand and ultimately damaged the whole back rear of the car. The next morning we went back to Kasilof and watched a ton of people dip net for salmon, which we are going to do the end of next week. We had a great time and I'm glad to have seen more of Alaska. It was a beautiful drive. We saw lots of wild life, culture, and small town charm. I loved it! The only bummer is my mom's memory card, with most of all the pictures, got erased or something so I only have a few pictures of our adventures. Jeff and I at Alyeska Resort. All the pictures are out of order.

All of us at the animal conservation place
I could relate to this picture
A cool name for a place "salty dawg" in Homer

Me and Levi at our first Glacier. Exit glacier. It was cool to hike to the glacier and see it close up.
I love this joyful picture of Jordyn. She was throwing rocks in the water in Homer.
Jeff with a halibut. Jeff and my dad both caught about 15 halibut. They taste better than they look. They also caught some huge sting rays.
And to end the trip, there's nothing like a big crunch to the back of your car. The short version to this story is that Jeff mistook our minivan for a dune buggy. We got stuck in sand. Two different people who tried to help pull our car out of the sand both hit our car. One was a 4 wheeler the other a huge truck with a winch.


Bowen Family said...

Can you say Alaska style? Nate and I agree that you should leave the duct tape and the dents and call yourselves "True Alaskans"!

Coordination Queen said...

I think I need to come spend summers with you. I would love the cool weather! :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome trip we had!!! I'm still sulking over the malfunctioning memory card! It was all so beautiful and such great memories. Please send me a disc of the pics! OK?