Sunday, July 4, 2010

Levi's blessing

A week ago, Levi had his baby blessing. Usually babies are a little younger for this event, but when you live in Alaska, family need extra time to book flights. My parents came up for the blessing and we had it on Jeff's birthday so it was a very special day for our growing family. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we are a family of 5. I feel old when I say that I have 3 kiddos. Jeff's sister is staying with us for the summer and she came to Levi's blessing also. We miss being close to family and having them attend such events as this, but are thankful for family's support and love despite the long distance. A friend took Levi's pictures in the clothes he wore for his blessing. For Jeff's birthday we had cake, his requested dinner (steak and potatoes), and he got some cool presents: fishing gear (which he already has used and we ate halibut that he caught just tonight) and a huge tent.


Charlotta-love said...

Aw. I love that last picture!

trimarie said...

Love the pictures. Everyone looks great! Wish we could have been there.

Melissa said...

Your family is so cute!