Sunday, August 8, 2010

Katherine's Wedding

Last friday 7/30/10 Katherine married Chase. Let me fill you in.....This past February, the month before Levi was born Katherine visited us for a month. A week before she left she went with a friend from our ward to play games with some people her age, I'm sure she was excited to interact with people older than 4 and younger than 30. This is where she met Chase. The last week she was visiting us, they pretty much spent every waking moment together. You know how it is, or in my case was, when you meet and date someone new...the getting to know each other, the butterflies, does he like me, will he kiss me, will he kiss me a second time, all those questions that consume one's mind. Also that last week, we hooked her up to a friend of ours that needed someone to nanny her children for the summer. Katherine wanted a job and decided that she would come back in the summer to do this job. She left the beginning of March and I'm assuming her and Chase kept in contact because when she came back the end of June, they started hanging out again. At first things were going slowly, but then one day she told us the news and she threw a wedding together in like 3 weeks. Everything fell into place with the wedding plans. She booked the night at a country club for free of charge, found the wedding dress of her dreams for 99 dollars, free photographer, free cake, and hair and makeup. It was a beautiful setting and the chaplin that married them was awesome. Now Katherine and Chase are living with us until Wednesday. They are flying to Utah to live and attend school. We're happy to have Chase in the family and look forward to their new future together. Here are some pictures of the event.

**I've tried to add pictures about 5 different times and it keeps saying "bad request" ughh.** Has anyone else had this problem??

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Carrie said...

yes i have and for me if I only upload one at a time it will make it work I am not sure why it does that, it does not do it all the time and sometimes i can upload three at a time and others only one at a time!