Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer 2010

We had summer. It lasted all of about 2 weeks. It was the end of May. The sun was out. It was warm to the point of receiving some flip flop tan lines. Since then it's been nothing but cloudy, and mostly rain. I've witnessed a new record. We had 31 consecutive days of "measurable precipitation." The old record was 27 days in 1951. The last few weeks of the month-long rain period was spent putting together puzzles. At first we started with a 100 piece Toy Story and Tinkerbell puzzle. It took Sydney a good 30 minutes to put it together. By the end of the week she would put the puzzle together at least 3-4 times a day and it would take her about 5 minutes. Then we got a 750 piece Snow White puzzle. Wow. That was THE hardest puzzle I've ever done. It took our whole family working on it about a week long to finish.

I've also redecorated our main level. I've done some crafty things you can see here. I've painted....not the walls but furniture: a clock, lamp, and mirror.

for halloween of course.
This 's' is made out of cardboard that I bought at Joann's
I have crochet some hats for my kids. I started out crocheting and now think that looming is more up my alley. Looming is like crochet but for the lazy and impatient person. I wasn't happy with my crochet work and it took me a couple months to do one hat for Levi. I "loomed" a hat for Jordyn and it took me not even 2 hours to complete.

I've had "school" for the girls everyday. Teaching Sydney problem solving, easy addition, phonemic awareness, reading, and sequencing. She recited the first article of faith out of nowhere the other day. I've been teaching Jordyn counting, sorting colors, letters, and working on her articulation. They love "school" and usually ask for it more than once a day. The girls participated in a reading summer program thru the library. They both had to be read to for 1000 minutes. I read the Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, James and the Giant Peach (which has the A-word. Major disappointment in that), Sydney had me read her several Mary Kate and Ashley books, and we're reading Charlotte's Web.
We haven't let the weather slow us down. We've done some really awesome things this summer. We're also looking forward to a family trip to Maui the end of September. Before I know winter will be here and the sun will be limited. Thankfully my life has meaning with Jeff, Sydney, Jordyn, and Levi around. I honestly couldn't live here without them brightening my life. I love my family so much!!!


Coordination Queen said...

That's an awesome puzzle! And I really like your crafts! So cute. I'll trade you my summer weather for yours.

Melissa said...

I think you are the world's best mom!

Christy said...

Wow! you are amazing! All that and three kids, don't know how you do it. Maybe I should go get some more puzzles