Sunday, August 8, 2010

missionary moments

For the past year Jeff has been called as the ward missionary and I have been on his committee. We've had the desire to do missionary work for some time. It is sometimes difficult because with Jeff's job he can't really talk "religion" and when he's not working he hangs out with us, so he doesn't have many guy friends he just hangs out with. Thus, he doesn't have much opportunity to share the gospel. I on the other hand have made lots of non member friends. Here in our neighborhood there are about 5-6 friends that also have young children. We have play group once a month and have girl's night out and see each other throughout the week on walks, the gym, preschool, and other activities.
1. Last week I went running with Jeanette Legenza. She lives just 2 houses south of us. We went on a 5 mile run. We ran into our Bishop; I said hi to him. Then I explained to jeanette on our run who the Bishop is and that he recently called me to give a talk at church on 7.15.10. She asked what the topic was and again I explained that it was on trials and how Christ dealt with trials. One question led to other questions and about 30 minutes of conversation was in regards to our church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It felt good to enlighten someone else about my beliefs and what our church means. It was awkward and jeanette seemed to learn more than what she knew about our church. I plan on inviting to her to church when I give my talk next week. She once came to a ward activity last year.
2. Last night a salesman came to our door. I wasn't excited to have him come since they usually come at a bad time. Last night was no different. It was 8:30 and I was ready to put the kids to bed. I noticed he was wearing garments and asked if he was LDS. He confirmed that he was and asked if I had a book of mormon. He had just had a spiritual conversation with a women who lives up our street and she seemed interested in the church. I gave him Jordyn's BoM. Today I plan to go to her house to introduce myself and befriend her. I hope again that I can be an instrument in the Lord's hand. That I can help this woman who recently lost her husband to cancer. I pray that although I don't know the feeling of losing a spouse, that I can say words that will provide comfort and peace for her. I know that through the Holy Ghost I can say the words she needs to hear like the Ammon and King Lamoni. King Lamoni thinks Ammon is reading his thoughts, but I believe it is the Holy Ghost that allows Ammon to say the things that KIng Lamoni happened to be thinking about.

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