Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 monther

Yesterday Levi turned 10 months. On this wonderful day, he woke up at 5am, for some unknown reason, and was ready for his first nap by 7:35am (he slept 3 hours). I was jealous. My eyes were hurting and I was wanting more sleep. This past month has been pretty monumental. He got another bottom tooth, learned to crawl backwards downstairs, and has taken his first steps. His hair is getting longer and it's growing out curly. It's so cute. When he wakes up from sleeping, the curly hair has turned into nappy, sleepy head. He has followed in his sisters footsteps....early walker, curly blonde hair, and I'm sure he'll be an active, curious toddler as well with lots to say. He is pure delight to have in our home. We cherish the small amount of time we have w/ Levi alone when the girls are in bed. I think he loves it too. I love his smile, cheeks, thighs, giggles, toes, and just about everything still. The girls love him to pieces. They continue to nurture and adore their little brother. The girls have picked up on mine and Jeff's reaction when Levi has little falls, they cheer for him. I'm already thinking about what to do for his 1 year birthday, which is just not right. It's gone by SOOO fast this time around. It's much harder getting him to sit still and take a picture.

The famous 'I want more food' face. There's a loud sniffing noise that goes along with the face. The face never gets old, it cracks us up every time.
Nice curly hair. I can officially say that ALL of us have some rockin', crazy, nappy, curly locks.
Checking things out.


Coordination Queen said...

He is adorable! Love the curls and his food face. Too funny!

Carrie said...

Oh my gosh he is getting so so big and I love those curls! I hope we can get some photos of him when I get back cause I just want to squeeze him, hope he is ready for lots of love ha ha

The Shaws said...

10 months! That has gone by quick. His food face reminds of the one of Jordyn. I never knew he had such curls in the back. He looks just like Jeff to me.

Anonymous said...

The curly hair and the food face really cracked me up! It reminded my of Jordyn. He is sooo cute! He looks just like Lauren to me.

Amy said...

Love those little curls on your boy!

I cannot believe you did the polar plunge. I am in awe of you at this very moment! You are so adventurous. I am pretty sure no one could talk me into doing that ( I hate being cold). You have my admiration!

ANd by the way, your list of reasons to love Alaska had me laughing outloud:)