Monday, January 3, 2011

X-mas and NYE

It's been awhile (for me) to post anything because our computer couldn't fit anymore memory and we had to get an external drive to move things to (mostly our movies I make that take up so much space). It's pretty much over my head, like most computer things, but with the help of a friend, he was able to help out and we've added more there's that mindless story.
CHRISTMAS: I think this was our first Christmas with just us and our kids. Kinda sad, but nice to just focus on each other and the true meaning of christmas. We added lots of traditions this year since we weren't traveling to the lower 48. This is what we did for the month: gingerbread houses, making cookies for Santa, seeing Santa and his reindeer, service (polar plunge) and helping out a family, singing, acting out the nativity, scripture advent calendar (copied from the Friend), reading Luke 2, Christmas pjs (we do it the 1st of Dec.), Christmas puzzle we do together, Christmas day we do presents and after we watch the movies I made for each child. This year we watched it on our wall using Jeff's projector, and our turned our blog turned into a book. Christmas Eve night Jeff gave me my present, a nice legit camera. He thought I should open it so I could use it the next morning. The only problem with that, I still didn't know what I was doing. The next day when the girls were running down the stairs, I didn't even get their faces. The girls got razor scooters and some other girly dolls and such. The ultimate novelty present was a whoopie cushion (Luisa, it's gonna happen at sometime. We'll buy one for Jacob in a few years). We give the kids a dollar to buy one another a present. Jordyn bought Sydney the Whoopie Cushion. She didn't know what it was at the time, but it's still getting plenty of use. We had a great day and month for that matter.
NEW YEARS EVE: We missed going to Jeff's grandma's house for her NYE party. But we incorporated one of her traditions...banging pots and pans outside right after you count down. We did this New York time (8pm AK time). The girls loved it and then we watched the fireworks going off in the city. So although we were sad to be away from family we did manage to make the best of it.Levi getting in on the action.
We went outside and then the girls filled their pots with snow.
Sydney sitting on the Whoopie Cushion
A great picture of the girls looking at a present.


Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see and hear about your Christamas. I think you did great with the camera; the pictures capture the mood. We missed you too over the holidays!

Coordination Queen said...

Fun that y'all got to start more of your own traditions!