Saturday, January 15, 2011

This past week

Another busy week has come and gone. I'm looking forward to Jeff having Monday off. Mondays off are the BEST. It makes Sunday night exciting, not like we're doing much, but knowing we have Monday to sleep in, spend together, and do whatever we want like it's a Saturday is exciting, at least for us anyway.
This past week was pretty fun for us. Sydney has been talking about taking violin lessons for about a year now. I've been waiting to put her in lessons to gauge how much she really wanted to learn. Well like I mentioned, it's been about a year since she first brought it up, and she mentions about playing on a regular basis. I had mention piano lessons, since we have one, but she has no desire. Our neighbor girls got locked out of their house and came over. The oldest has a viola and Sydney begged to play with it. She didn't sound like a natural, but she sure looked beautiful holding it like she knew what she was doing. I'm planning on starting her in lessons after summer.
Another thing the girls started this week was gymnastics. The gym is awesome, a little bit of a drive though. The girls go to different classes but they're at the same time so I kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone. It makes the drive not so bad. Sydney and Jordyn loved it as you can imagine my little monkeys would. Every day since sydney has been asking, "Is gymnastics today?" Both of their teachers commented how strong each girl is.

Last night we went to the UAA boys hockey team game. A friend gave us tickets and we met up with Jeff's coworkers. The girls enjoy going because they get to play with their friend's, stay up late, and cheer for the SEAWOLVES. Here's a picture of us before we left our house.

Here's a picture of Jeff after x-country skiing when it was -11. He thought his contacts were freezing to his eyeballs so maybe that's why his eyes look blood shot. I know you're probably thinking he looks miserably cold, which he probably was, but he loves going skiing.

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Carrie said...

Oh my gosh Jeff I love the picture your awesome or crazy ha ha ha I want so bad to get ella in gymnastics when we get back where is it do they have a site? Looks like so much fun!