Saturday, March 12, 2011

Be all YOU can be

Today we had a small birthday party to celebrate Levi's first birthday and by the title can you tell it was an Army theme? The army and airforce are very much a part of our lives even though we are not a part of either. I thought for one day though that we could pretend to be american heros. I mailed out my traditional one year birthday announcements and asked family and friends to write Levi a letter that I will save in a box and have him open all these letters and other memorabilia from his first year of life on his 16th b-day. Here are some pictures from his army party.
When kids arrived they went to find a grenade (a camo easter egg) in the hideout. In the grenade was a dog tag and parachute guys. All the kids went to the top of the stairs and watched the parachute people fly down. This by far is the biggest fort I've ever made. I counted 8 sheets and 4 blankets that I used. The girls loved it.

We also had "target practice." I filled balloons w/ money and each kid had a chance to pop a balloon by throwing a dart (w/ needle at end of dart. There was definitely parental help here.) at the balloons and collecting their money. I also put camo paint on kids faces and then we got to the good stuff.....singing happy birthday and cupcakes.
Levi was the most aggressive w/ the cupcakes than Sydney or Jordyn was. He didn't touch it at first just dropped his mouth to the cupcake and took a big bite. One cupcake wasn't enough. He wanted more and ate another half of one. He was mesmerized with the lit candle and seemed to have a good time despite not participating in the "target practice" or finding the grenade in the hideout.

Poor guy, yesterday we had to go to urgent care and get him some eye drops. He had a bad eye infection with copious amounts of eye goobers. His eyes were red and swollen today, but the eye drops are working its magic already and it is getting much better.

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Coordination Queen said...

CUTE! That is such a fun idea! I can't believe he is already 1.