Saturday, March 12, 2011

One year mark

My baby is ONE?? Yes it's true. 365 days ago we were at the hospital and I held my first son. It was a moment...a moment I wish lasted longer than just a moment. But a moment that will forever be close to my heart and a memory ingrained somewhere in my brain that I can recall at any time. We're such amazing creations, aren't we? We LOVE Levi. Sydney gets him out of his crib in the morning, he eats his breakfast. He usually takes a nap about 10:30 and another at 3:30. When he is awake he is usually in the kitchen playing w/ pots and pans or we're playing in the basement or upstairs in the girls room. So I tried taking pictures of him. I got very little pictures of him looking at the camera. I have a new found respect for photographers.

Jeff was in Oregon on Levi's first birthday so we celebrated today. Actually we celebrated all we long. Sydney had spring break and since Jeff was gone we LIVED it up. Let's see we went to the Imaginarium, went to a fun indoor pool place, played at Arctic Oasis, went to Chuck E Cheese, and had multiple play dates with friends.

Swimming apparently is very exhausting. I have never seen the 3 of them sleep in the car at the same time.

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The Shaws said...

Oh my gosh Sydney looks like a giant compared to the others! You really need to come down in May so we can see everyone. PS Going up to see you would be awesome too.