Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's official

As I wrote the title of my blog, I thought people might suspect I'm pregnant or that we're moving or something big. No. Neither one of those is happening any time soon. Wait..... this is big news who am I kidding. Well let me get on with it. It's official--Sydney can officially tie and double knot her shoes by herself. How cool is that for a 5 year old?
This evening I was talking to my mom (aka Gammie) on the phone while Sydney was getting ready to go on a bike ride. To both our amazement, she tied her shoe by herself and included a double knot. In the past she has tried a time or two but it wasn't something we were working on daily. Tonight she did it out of no where. Sydney was so giddy. She ran to Jeff and showed him by putting on her other shoe and then she took the phone away from me, told my mom what she just did, took off a shoe, and talked her through each step as she tied her shoe again. It was awesome to see how thrilled she was with herself.


Coordination Queen said...

That's awesome!

Kirsten said...

How exciting! Good Job Sidney!!

Luisa said...

Ok, when I saw the title I thought...I just talked to you last night--what huge news did you not tell me? So I was relieved to see that I wasn't finding out on your blog that you were moving or pregnant:) But that is very cute about Sydney...what a big girl!!