Monday, August 22, 2011

1st day of Kindergarten

Parents received this poem by an unknown author wrapped around tissue. I thought it was cute:

Every one has a "first day"
when they feel sad and all alone,
It can be so scary
when you're out on your own
And I know that a "first day"
can be full of doubts and fears,
But they're full of new beginnings.
Take my hankie, dry your tears.

You'll find lots of things to do
and you'll probably make new friends.
I promise we'll be together
when the school day ends.

Here comes the teacher
blow yor nose and be brave.
Come on now and wipe your eyes,
this is no way to behave.

Well good morning teacher.
We really must beg your pardon.
No, MOMMY doesn't always act this way,
But it's my first day of....KINDERGARTEN!

Sydney started her 1st day of kindergarten this morning at Eagle Academy. It's a charter school. She got into the school by lottery. In the morning a friend a few house down will take to school and I will pick up in the afternoon. At this school, kids wear uniforms. Sydney was very excited this morning. She expressed some concern about missing us during the day so I gave her a heart bracelet I got when I graduated from H.S. On the heart says L.M.K. (my initials before I got married). I told her it's her special charm bracelet and when she's feeling like she missing us she can rub her heart bracelet and when she sees LMK she'll know it's me saying, "Love My Kiddo" and feel a little better. I was proud of myself that I thought of this last minute. Sydney was very happy about this special present I got her :) I also placed special kisses from me in her hand if she needs something a little more, like a kiss. She'll be fine though. She's going to be a great student. She got to school this morning saw a few kids she knew and walked to class. She found her cubby and sat down to color a picture of a rainbow that every student had on their desk. She told Jordyn she was going to miss her too. So sweet. When we left she cried a little bit; a minute later when I peeked in, she was fine and coloring her picture. We're all going to miss Sydney's presence during the day.


Coordination Queen said...

She is adorable. I love the uniforms. How did y'all do today with out her?

Lauren said...

It went by faster than I thought, probably because there was no fighting b/t her and jordyn :) when are you going to update ur blog kass?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Syd! You did it! and you were awesome!!! We love you and we're so proud of you! PS You look adorable in your new uniform and fancy bracelet!! XOXOX

The Shaws said...

What cute pics of Sydney!Such a big Hope you will adjust OK.

trimarie said...

I can't believe it. She's in Kindergarten?! She looks very sweet in her little uniform. She'll do great. Is it all day or half a day?

Amy said...

I love the poem and I love what you told her about your locket. What a sweet thing.