Friday, August 12, 2011

9 years

On Wednesday Jeff and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. As I say every year, it sounds like a long time but it doesn't feel that way. I guess moving a lot, having kids, working and having fun makes time go by fast. So last night we went on a date. We rode bikes at Eklutna Lake, ate dinner, and read our letters we write to each other every year.
The Eklutna Glacier carved this valley as it retreated, leaving horizontal scarring on rock formations as evidence of its passage. Glacial and freshwater streams flowing into the valley created the 7-mile-long lake. Eklutna Lake feeds a power plant and provides drinking water for the Anchorage area.
The ride around Eklutna lake was Gorgeous. It really was awesome to explore somewhere new.


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! We love you both!!

Amy said...

So I've been doin a blog round tonight and you are the fourth person tho celebrate tehir anniversary this month! How fun!
I sat next to Louisa at mormon night at angel's stadium and I told her I felt like I kind of knew her because I had read about her (your cruise) on your blog:)

Luisa said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are always full of fun adventures.