Monday, October 31, 2011

Sydney's school

A few weeks ago Sydney attended her first school assembly and she came home telling us that she was getting an award. Jeff and I both attended her assembly w/ camera in hand of course. She got a Language Arts award for Excellent handwriting. It has become more apparent since starting school that Sydney is meticulous and a perfectionist.
Last week we had her teacher/parent conference. She scored proficient at everything. She scored above proficient on "counts by 1's to 100." She counts to 109. She also got above proficient on classwork effort. "She participates and always tries her best. She knows her phonograms and her handwriting is excellent. She has lots of friends and generally gets along w/ everyone. Sometimes she has trouble controlling her impulses and makes poor choices instead of asking for help." We're very happy with everything Sydney is doing in school and are working on making good choices and asking for help. Last week she was Star Student and she was excited to make a poster about herself and speak in class about the pictures on her poster.
Last Thursday was "Twin Day." Her and 2 other friends dressed in Christmas dresses. Of course they weren't the exact same dresses. I just thought it was funny they wanted to dress up in Christmas dresses. We're having a fun time observing Sydney participate in school. Today we're celebrating halloween. Post coming soon.

Her teacher: Ms. Deming

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The Shaws said...

Sydney is awesome! I know she gets her great handwriting from you!