Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day of school

Sydney's last day of school included a picnic and fun at Shroeder park. All the kindergartners wore these maroon shirts. Each kid drew a self portrait and the whole class has their picture they drew of them self on the shirt.
 It was actually warm and sunny so everyone enjoyed playing in the park.
 Jordyn's last day of preschool was the week before Sydney's. Miss Marie is in yellow and Miss Danielle is wearing a gray shirt. As you can tell Jordyn's 4T shirts are too small and now wears 5T.
 The whole class: Lillian, Benjamin, Savannah, Sadie, Andrew, Zoey, Tanner, David. The class sang "skinny mirinky inky ink..."
 Jordyn gave me flowers and a picture of Mother's Day.
 Her friends Sadie and Savannah.

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Anonymous said...

those girls and that little guy hiding in the back of one of the pictures are way toooo cute!!! I SURE miss them!!!! Let's skype!