Thursday, May 31, 2012

good news

Yesterday Jeff was offered a job in Phoenix, AZ so we will be moving. We feel, due to how things have transpired the past few months, that this is where we're suppose to be. I feel good about that. I'm excited. It will be difficult to leave here, more than any other place we have lived. I was nervous to move to Alaska and felt lonely many times, but with time, I have met many wonderful people and I have loved living here for 3 years. I have done and seen things you only see on TV.  I never thought I would have experienced some of these things; I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to live in this part of the country, something very few people have seen.

Things I'll miss about AK
-the picturesque snow-blanketed covered hills and mountains
-salmon in the freezer
-recreational things-hiking, snow-skiing, x-country skiing, fishing, exploring,
-looking at the river from the kitchen window
-northern lights

Things I won't particularly miss
-worrying about wildlife encounters
-worrying about slipping on ice
-the time to dress each child in snow clothes, snow jackets, boots, mittens, hats, and hand warmers.
-the darkness in the winter
-being far from family
-pushing Costco grocery carts w/ kids in tow on the snow covered parking lot
-expensive gas
-bad produce


Alice said...

Seems like you made the most of your experience there!

Anonymous said...

Now Dad and I won't have free lodging in Alaska! Boo Who!! glad to have you closer though!!!!!!!