Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Polar Express

For the girls birthday we stayed the weekend in Flagstaff and went on the Polar Express train in Williams. Every other year the girls have a party and on the other years, like this year, we stay in a hotel and celebrate their birthdays.
 Our friends, the Kieta's, came with us. Levi was especially excited to ride a train. The girls were also excited to go on the train to the North Pole. Everyone wore their Christmas jammies on the train. I'm glad someone told me about this. It was a memorable activity and I think the kids will remember their ride on the Polar Express. I booked our reservation clear back in July because seats get taken so early.

 Here the kiddos are on the train waiting to leave. This train is 90 years old. It was definitely cool.
 A shot of just me and Jeff. That's a rarity. Unfortunately Jeff got sick this morning and by this time of the day, all he wanted to do was lay in bed. 
 We took off and we enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies. Yummy!

 The train had the reading of Polar Express over the intercom so we followed along.
 We finally came to the North Pole. The kids faces were glued to the windows. It was adorable.
 Santa came on the train and gave each kid a silver bell just like in the book.
 Levi enjoying his new bell. We also sang carols on the train. The ride lasted for an hour.
 Earlier that morning we went to Northern Arizona Museum and took a short hike. The weather was much cooler than Gilbert, thus the coats.

 Rocks and dinosaurs---what else could bring a smile to a kid's face? Don't answer that. I could think of quite a few things.

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Anonymous said...

how fun! The kids were completely captivated!! You can see it in their faces!! I love your blog!!