Sunday, December 9, 2012


So it's kinda sad I only took a few pictures at Thanksgiving and this is one of them. We left Tuesday and drove to Kingman, AZ and stayed the night there because Jeff had a morning breakfast with some doctors. When that was over, we took off through Vegas to Gammie and Grandpa's home. We were the last to arrive. The Lamonts, Koehlers (Lisa, Kevin, Maddy, and Trinity), and Uncle Lance had gotten there earlier. The kids loved playing with the cousins and actually getting along the whole time. It was nice. Every cousin had a friend they hung out with and was happy. There were 18 people staying at my parents. The next day the women cooked while the dads took the kids horse back riding. While there we also did some shopping, took a family picture, went to the movies, stayed up way too late, and us moms went out to lunch one day. We had such a fun time. It was too short of a vacation. Saturday afternoon we headed up, this time traveling through a little bit of the Grand Canyon to Flagstaff and down to our home in Gilbert. A much prettier drive. On our way home we stayed in Lee's Ferry motel. It was right off the highway, nothing was around it, not even a gas station. It was very "potuncky." The woman handed us a REAL key to our room. The floors squeaked, the heater you turned on by hand and it was in Celsius, you could hear cars and trucks drive by from the highway, and we were the only ones staying at this motel. There were moments that we thought we were in a scary movie. But we woke up the next morning still alive thankfully we were kept safe.  
 Uncle Lance and Levi
 Navajo Bridge

 Our little Cowboy
Sydney riding

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Anonymous said...

I sure miss all the kiddos! (the big ones too!!)What a great time we had!!