Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Time

My mom, sister, and niece came to visit. My sister and her daughter, Rowan have never been here before. It's always fun to show people around who haven't been here before. Within 5 minutes of her being here, I went to show her our backyard and there was a mama bear and her two cubs. I had never even seen a bear that close in our backyard. We saw the same bears a few days later too. We also saw some moose. We took two trips. One to Girdwood and another to Talkeetna. Talkeetna was our favorite. We stayed in this rustic, vintage cabin. My mom, sister, and I and the girls loved listening and dancing to the supremes on the record player they had in this cabin. Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash were are other 2 favorite records. We also enjoyed hiking Mt. Baldy and glissading down about 75 yards, going to the temple, the wildlife conservation center where a brown bear was chasing Sydney back and forth, portage glacier, play hide and go seek at girdwood park, and there's probably more that I'm forgetting.
 John Trappers Cabin in Talkeetna. We all stayed here in this one room cabin. Unfortunately we didn't see McKinley because it was cloudy.
 Inside our cabin
 See, I forgot, we also went to Whittier. You get there by taking a 2.5 mile drive through a tunnel.

 At Portage Glacier
 At the wildlife conservation center. This was the bear that was chasing Sydney back and forth.
 Beluga point-on the way to girdwood.
 Bears by our house.
 At Eagle River. We took a short hike and threw rocks in the water.
 Notice Jeff wearing his chest holster with gun--just in case something were to happen.
 World's largest chocolate fountain. 20 feet high.
 Me and my sister
The girls loved having their cousin visit and sleep in the same room.

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Anonymous said...

That was such an awesome trip and a great last memory of Alaska!!