Tuesday, April 22, 2014

railroad park

 Over spring break we visited Railroad park in Scottsdale. It was really neat and it was fun to get outta the house and do something that wasn't associated with Bahama Buck's. The kids have been such good sports with Jeff and I being extremely busy, stressed, tired, and everything else. We went with our friends, the Kieta's.
 They have a little train that goes around the park.
 We also enjoyed a carousel ride.
 They also had a bunch of old tools to make railroads.
 A park with a bunch of swings and a playground. Macie loves swinging.
 The kids in the railroad museum.
 Levi learning and practicing his Morse Code skills.

Jordyn using a telephone.

 Then there was Pres. Roosevelt's train he used that the public can walk through.  Sydney taking a rest in the formal dining room on the train.

 All the kids posing and climbing on a statue there.

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gammie said...

What cute pictures!!! Dad loved the one of Levi and the tools!That looks like a fun place to visit when we come again.