Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Macie turn 1

To sound like a broken record, "I can't believe Macie is 1. This past year has gone by sooo fast." On her actual birthday we took her to Bahama Buck's and she had her first shaved ice--birthday cake no less with sprinkles. The crew sang her Happy Birthday. She took a bite and you would've thought she was tasting a lemon. She didn't like it so Sydney, Jordyn, and Levi gladly ate the rest of it.

 A week later Brooke and her kids came to visit with my mom for their Spring break. Macie and Finn bonded when drinking milk together or when we made them touch like with this picture below. A lot of swimming, playing, drinking smoothies we made at Bahama Buck's, and rollerskating were some fun things we did. The quote of the week was:
Levi: "Parker how old are you?"
Parker: "13"
Levi: "Then why do you pick your nose?"
It was hilarious and Parker spent the rest of the time here asking every adult if they pick their nose to prove Levi that everyone does.

 Macie seems to like girls better than boys and since Brooke only has 1 daughter she was Macie's preferred than the boys. Macie didn't want anything to do with Parker!
 We had a small birthday party for Macie. We made it a pool party, although the pool was still pretty cold. The Neeley's and Theurer's came over. We had a snowball fight, pizza, and cake. Of course I asked a lot of family and friends to write a letter to her that I plan to save until she turns 16.
Oh yeah, part of the snowball fight. The snowballs were a little hard and actually hurting the kids. Oops.

 It took Macie a few minutes to warm up to the cake. But once she felt comfortable with the texture of it she started stuffing her face.

 Gotta suck it allll off my fingers

 Then I smashed the girls faces in the cake and they all thought that was really fun.
 Macie opening some gifts. Jen hooked her up with an ENTIRE wardrobe. seriously.
and a picture of us together to prove that I was there. I was gonna go into the pool until I stepped on the first step and felt how cold it was. It was a fun week and glad that some family could celebrate with us because we had no family with Jordyn or Levi's 1st birthday. The cons of living far away.


gammie said...

Macie is so cute!!! I loved the cake pictures! I can't wait to see Brooke's pictures.

gammie said...

My favorite picture is the one of you and Macie!!!!