Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Easter--it's become my favorite holiday. It's more simpler and quieter than Christmas and more focused on Christ life, death, and resurrection. 
 Here we are at the Easter pageant at the Mesa temple. This was my first time at any pageant. The weather was awesome. You have to go a few hours earlier to get a seat. We went with Madi, our new GM for BB. We laid down a blanket, had a dinner picnic and played UNO until it started.
 A week prior I have a little devotional about the days leading up to Christ death and resurrection. I've done this for a few years now and the repetition is starting to pay off. Next year, I'd like to audition for the pageant with Jordyn and Sydney so they can have that experience and further know the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
 They wanted to take pictures with some of the cast. A wise man above and soldier below.
 Easter Sunday. We said nothing of the Easter bunny. They know that I get them stuff and it was only Sunday stuff that I put in their Easter baskets. New church outfit, a Sunday bag with new colored pencils, an activity book, and notebook, church talks on CD, church book, and a "mom and me" journal - to write letters/notes back and forth to one another.
 Our church starts at 8am so it takes a lot to rush out the door.

 Love the girls together
 Levi is so handsome in his new shirt and tie.

 Great Grandma Marianne sent Macie's dress to her for her birthday. It is super cute.

 We dyed easter eggs of course. That's tradition.

 macie wasn't sure what to do with it....
 at first, but then she would lift it up and then bang it on the tray.

 and then pick off the cracked shell. I had to take it away because she still puts everything in her mouth.
 Easter dinner we had Madi over. She just moved here from Lubbock. No friends or family so I wasn't about to let her eat alone on her first holiday away from her family. The kids love her and I'll blog another post about the latest with Bahama Buck's.

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gammie said...

Imagine my happy surprise when I made my daily blog check and found you had made 3 posts!!! I loved these pictures! Oh my gosh Levi looked like such a big boy with his shirt, tie and slacks! We loved it!! Macie's dress is really cute! I love the faces of all those precious kids!!!!