Saturday, August 16, 2014

school starts

The beginning of August looks like this: hot weather, lots of swimming, staying up late, sleeping in late, playing with friends, and oh wait....SCHOOL STARTS. It creeps up on you, probably because it's the middle of summer still. The kids got the teacher they wanted but most importantly, I was hoping they'd get. Jordyn is in Mrs. Morris' 1st grade class and Sydney is in Mrs. Bachali's 3rd grade class.
Levi is going to Kinderbugs again for one more year. His teacher is Ms. Mallory. He is very excited to have his own desk and is feeling like a big kid.
 Levi already seems like a kindergartner to me. I say it a lot in different ways, but he seems so mature for his age. Maybe it's not maturity but just easy-going, even-tempered, obedient. He knows when to be silly and when to work, when to listen, and when to play. Whatever it is, Jeff and I just love it and love him.


The girls were very excited to start school. We had our special back to school night dinner. The first day I drove them to school. Sydney found some friends and Jordyn, on the other hand, starting crying and didn't want me to leave her. Her teacher wasn't outside, she couldn't find her friends, so she started to get sad. She calmed down and I eventually left. When I picked them up from the bus stop that afternoon, they both loved their day and teachers.
 Sydney told me all about the teacher's reward system and everything about her classroom. When I asked how she liked her teacher she said, "Teachers are always nice the first day and then they start to be mean."

 Every other year the girls get a new back pack. This year, it was Sydney turn. She picked a back pack with the headphones she's wearing, not like she has a phone or i pod. She's just posing with my phone :)

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gammie said...

Oh My Gosh!! These are such cute pictures of the kids!! I loved Levi at his desk and Syd's comment about teachers! haha They are all getting so big and grown up. I sure do miss them!!!