Saturday, August 16, 2014


 Some family time at Bahama Buck's. The kids and I don't go there nearly as often as before, mostly because they get in the way BIG TIME.
 Our daily pool time. Levi has gotten so good at swimming this summer.
 Macie is usually in Jeff's arm or within arms distance whenever he is home. He gets lots of cuddle time with her. Lucky duck.
 At a free dance class we're starting to go to on Monday mornings. She warmed up after awhile, walking around with the various props.
 Levi was so excited when he found out he won all this stuff at the dentist office because he guess the right number of skittles in that jar. He kept saying, "I'm a good guesser, mom."
 Sydney wrote this for one of her homework assignments. I'm happy to know she is loved!

 Oh, yeah....let me just climb between the walls and hold myself with just my arms. Such a strong climber.
 And here's another monkey in the family. I was holding her, standing next to this pole, when she leaned over and grabbed it. I could tell she was holding all her weight, so I let go and there she was holding herself up.
 Here's a fun picture of me. Half of my face is numb, thus the awkward smile. I had to get a root canal. It was fine, painless, and just glad the hassle of it is done. Now, I should probably stop blogging and starting flossing to avoid anymore root canals :)

 This adorable girl went to a skate party today. It's fun to see her happy with friends and having a good time. Sometimes I feel I'm hard on my kids, with Jordyn, I get on her case to focus and pay attention, then I see this face and tell myself to see her how God sees her, especially during those difficult moments. I love Jordyn so much!

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gammie said...

Yay!!! I've been waiting everyday for new posts!! I LOVE seeing the kids and all they do! They are so talented and REALLY REALLY cute (except for the numb face picture of you) ha!