Monday, September 22, 2014

Harry Potter

 This summer Sydney was having a hard time wanting to read and picking a book she would like. I told her we could read Harry Potter together and then we would have a fun movie night after we finished the book. I had never read any of the books so it was fun to read together and before we knew it both of us were excited about the story. As promised I made a special movie night after we finished. I started off by giving them an invitation via Hedwig, the owl, during a campout Jeff had taken the 3 older ones too.
 I made a special dinner decked out in Harry Potter decor. I borrowed costumes they could each wear.

 Here's Hedwig.

As you can tell, treats were plentiful while we watched the movie.

 Before we started they each were selected to be part of one of the 4 groups. I put the magical witch had on their heads and it talked to them and told them which group they were destined to be part of. (I actually had the baby monitor in the hat and Jeff was upstairs talking through the monitor) They totally bought it.
 Magical potions they drank. When I poured the water in the cup it turned a different color. Green=wealth, Red=good luck, Yellow=happines, etc.

It was a super fun night. The book was great and so was the movie. Jordyn and Levi got into the movie too and a little with the book.

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gammie said...

This was such a cute idea!!! they will always remember Harry Potter and their very special celebration. A lot of work, but cost effective in the building memories department! Awesome Mom!!!!