Monday, March 23, 2015

Girls VEGAS trip

This trip was in the making for more than 6 months. It finally came and I was so excited. I drove to Vegas and took advantage of being by myself and took my leisure time to stop by Hoover Dam. I got this great picture of the bridge. Then I headed to meet my friends from AK, (Kristen, Carrie, and Jaime) in Vegas.

 We stayed at the mirage. It was so great to see each other and be all excited and giddy to see one another. The first day we walked around the strip a bit. I was quickly reminded NEVER to take my kids there. At first I was in shock at some of the things I saw. We were gonna go to a comedy club but it was sold out so we went to the Venetian, ate (kristen got us a free meal:) cuz that made the food wrong), and then we went on the Gondola. We laughed as we pretended to kiss each other as we went under each bridge. We did some shopping and walked around more.
 The next day, I went running, because the marathon was the next weekend. We went out to lunch and then drove to downtown Vegas. Here we are in the car. We were on a schedule because we were gonna eat at a nice restaurant and then our Cirque De Soleil show after.
 We decided to zip line across the street. Jaime was freaking out cuz she is deathly afraid of heights.
We're gonna do this!
 Me and Kristen with our stuff on and ready to go.
 Finally it was our turn. The wait was long.
 I was so proud of Jaime. She was crying when we finished:) It was a lot of fun. Earlier when walked around I wore my "crazy" hair.
 After the zip lining, we went to a nice restaurant at the hotel. Low and behold David Spade was a few tables away from us. Finally at the end of dinner, Carrie had the guts to ask him for a picture.
 Sunday, we sat in the jacuzzi. Kristen and I went to get some fabric and then that night we went to the comedy club. I had to wake up at 5am to drive back home. 
 Here we are at the Beatles LOVE show......LAME! It was too weird for me. We all agreed.
 The first night we got there and walked around.
Very fun and memorable weekend. Love these girls!

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gammie said...

Some great pictures and lots of Memories!!!