Friday, March 13, 2015

Lubbock, TX

 For a few days in January, Jeff and I flew to Lubbock, TX for the annual Bahama Buck's meeting. The day we got there we had the night free, so after we checked in our hotel, we spontaneously decided to got to a Texas Tech women's basketball games. It started snowing at this point and luckily the hotel shuttle dropped us off at the stadium. We decided to get a bite to eat at the student center. It was fun to be on a college campus again, even though we felt old.
 As I suspected, the women's game had a low attendance. Jeff and I decided to sit in the front. I told Jeff that we might get picked for a game, because of the few people. Before the game starts, fans were allowed to get on the court and cheer for the team as they came out of the locker room. We participated and had fun. We sat down and before we knew it, someone was asking if we would play in a half time game. I know Jeff wanted to do it, but he also I knew I wanted to do it too. He graciously let me do it instead of him. I immediately got so nervous and my heart was beating. After 30 minutes passed before I was up to play, I was able to calm down and just be excited. I was up against a guy. Whomever made the most free throws in 30 seconds won. I WON!! I just wanted to beat the guy, but I also won $25 at a restaurant at the hotel we were staying at.

The Bahama Bucks conference was good. We toured the new corporate building. It was great to see and get to know other owners. We tried new flavors, learned more about the future of BB, and  recapped the year too.
 We rushed to fly home because Jeff and Madie had interviews all day the next day. Long story short, we ended up renting a car and driving the 10 hours home. We rolled into our driveway at 5am the next morning.

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gammie said...

From our end, the kids loved seeing your pictures and the video of you winning the free throw contest! We loved being with the kids !!