Tuesday, March 17, 2015

valentines 2015

The night before valentine's, Jeff and I went to Top Golf, a really cool fun driving range that recently opened. After we went to watch a movie.
 The next day, on valentines, the kids woke up to this dinner invite and their valentine boxes that had love notes in it everyday up until Valentines day.

 That night we had a romantic candlelit dinner with classical music and everyone dressed up, except Macie.
 Everyone sitting around the table. Levi learned to push a chair in for a lady.

 The kids loved dinner: salad, fettuccine alfredo, and sparkling cider in plastic wine glasses as well.
 All of us after dinner, but before our dance.
 As we ate, we talked about having good table manners: passing food, asking nicely, napkin on lap, using utensils, good conversations, etc.

 Then we all had fun dancing to love songs. We taught them how to ask someone to dance, politely cutting in to dance, and how to dance too.

 We all had a fun night.
 The kids were eager to take off their fancy clothes and eat dessert, a huge heart cookie.

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gammie said...

I love how you guys always make things special while you also use it as a teaching moment!!