Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fourth of July

 Gammie and the Brookies came to visit us over the 4th. We went swimming, went to the McCormick Railroad in Scottsdale, Bahama Bucks, swim meets, and saw some great fireworks with friends.
 The cousins had a blast having slumber parties, swimming, being together, and eating lots of treats.
 Finn and Macie showed moments of interaction especially when we forced them to :)
 Gammie and Macie cooling down. At this point Macie still wasn't keen on swimming but the week after they left she finally put her life jacket on and would swim all over the pool.
 Rowan and Levi helped make our patriotic cake.

 Fireworks at the Rigbys and then we watched really good fireworks from their balcony.
 What's a trip without a awkward photoshoot?!

Macie was fascinated with the fireworks!

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gammie said...

We sure had lots of fun at your house over the fourth of July! I loved seeing all the cousins together!!