Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jeff's birthday

 For Jeff's birthday he wanted to have a staycation with just the two of us. Of course I obliged to his birthday wish;) We stayed a cool hotel that is built into the mountain in tempe. This is us excited that we just left our kids for 24 hours. haha.
 Enjoying the pool at the hotel without having to lifeguard 4 kiddos....so relaxing!
 The next day we came home, brought them sundaes and sang Happy Birthday.
 This was the first time we left them for a full night without family watching them. It was a young married couple in our ward. It all worked out great. Levi got his first bee sting when we were gone.  Jeff and I also hiked Camelback in the morning at 5 am! We had to go that early as to not get too hot. It was a huge hike, climbing over boulders that went straight up the mountain. It wasn't the hike I was expecting, but still i like that it was challenging and great views at the top. The night before we ate at Arrogant Butcher. A cool restaurant with a cool name.

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gammie said...

Happy birthday Jeff!!! Looks like fun! I love the faces at the top of the hike that look like, "no big deal!" ha ha