Tuesday, August 18, 2015

summer shenanigans

 Paddle boating in Tempe. Jeff, Sydney, and Macie were on one boat. Me, Levi, and Jordyn were on another boat. The kids paddled for about 5 minutes and I paddled the rest. We had a fun time and there was a breeze so it felt nice.
a gorgeous picture of jordyn

 One weekend Uncle Ryan and Aunt Alison came to visit us. We played at the pool at lifetime fitness and they took you guys to Flipside for some fun.

 Swimming is always a big part of our summer and cools us off. At the beginning of the summer you guys went to summer school. You took some fun classes like cooking, ceramics, and crime lab.
 One saturday we went to the butterfly museum. Lots of butterflies to see and many landed on us. We learned everything to know about butterflies that day.
 We dressed up like cows and got free lunch at Chick-fil-a

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gammie said...

you guys always do such fun things!! I would like the butterfly farm!