Tuesday, October 27, 2015

back to school

 Another back to school dinner to goodies to put in their backpack.
 And a note to read in their name tag.

 Levi was very scared to start. He thought he wasn't ready for Kindergarten because "I don't know how to draw a heart or read." He was just nervous about not knowing what his day was gonna look like. We took him to school and dropped him off at his kindergarten line. Again, he was nervous and looked sad. I also was sad. Fast forward a few days, and he was confident and very happy! His teacher is Mrs. Doutrich and like we told him, Levi was more than prepared for Kindergarten.

 Jordyn wanted to wear her new Quartz Hill shirt. Her teacher is Mrs. Fierro, which was also Sydney's 2nd grade teacher. She was very happy and excited to start and I'm so happy she has Mrs. Fierro!
 Sydney didn't smile her first so I told her too, but then she started giggling, and finally I got a cute, smiley picture. Her teacher is Mrs. Dewhirst. She wasn't excited to have her as she is known to be a dry and kinda dull teacher. Sydney was a little nervous thinking she would get in trouble cuz she thought she was a mean teacher. We had to reassure her that she's a great student and kid and wouldn't get in trouble as long as she follows the teacher's instructions and classroom rules.
 Jeff gave each kid a blessing for FHE. When we were done, or so we thought, Macie climbed on the chair, sat down, folded her arms, and said she wanted one too....so Jeff gave Macie a blessing as well.
 Goofy kids
I love these 3. I'm really blessed with happy, well-behaved, healthy, and kind kids!

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